Viva Furniture

We stand behind our work

We stand behind our work
Viva Furniture

Why Viva Furniture?

1. Your furniture is in good hands.

Our master-artisan Vlad has over

15 years experience in the industry, artistic skills, and strong technical background.

2. We use current restoration equipment and techniques, as well as non toxic materials whenever possible which minimizes environmental pollution.

3. We are serious about quality control. Every piece undergoes a thorough inspection. We check areas such as structural integrity and quality of finish.

4. We preserve cultural heritage.

5. We welcome you to a free consultation, a free 12-point inspection, and a free repair estimate for every piece you

bring to the shop.

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Fixing furniture saves trees!

  • Refinishing
  • Rejuvenation, touch-up, and cleaning of original finish
  • Elimination of water rings, nicks, dents, and scratches
  • Repair of damaged veneer
  • Mother of pearl inlay restoration

Restoration of Wood Surfaces